Premio Mercurio de Oro a Empresa y Empresario 2018

El Presidente de Hoteles Spiwak, Ángel Spiwak Knorpel recibió el Mercurio de Oro a Empresa y Empresario 2018, reconocimiento otorgado por La Federación Nacional de Comerciantes Seccional Valle del Cauca en el marco del Encuentro Empresarial Vallecaucano y la Noche de los Mejores, que tuvo lugar el miércoles 21 de noviembre de 2018.

Así funcionan los edificios inteligentes en el país

El Hotel Spiwak, ubicado a 20 minutos del aeropuerto de Cali, es uno de los pocos hoteles de Colombia construidos sobre un centro comercial, esto con el objetivo de que sus huéspedes encuentren allí todo lo que necesitan. Sus llaves, en forma de tarjeta, son magnéticas, y el ascensor solamente sube hasta el piso donde está su habitación, no puede realizar más paradas. El edificio está ubicado en un ángulo estratégico por lo que cuando cae la tarde, recibe la brisa de los farallones.

6 different plans to celebrate Father’s Day in Cali

If you’d wish to celebrate Father’s Day in Cali, and you are still undecided on what plan to schedule for your dad or husband on his day, we are ready to give you some ideas.
If your old man is a merrymaker who loves crowded places, or if your husband is rather a quiet person, here are six (6) options to get him out of the routine and celebrate this date as he deserves.

Picture of: El Borondo

Go to El Borondo

– For a dad always ‘in’ –

El Borondo is the the new trendy place to spend time with your family, right on the hill of Cali’s iconic Cristo Rey. If you’re staying at Spiwak Hotels with your dad and you guys don’t know where to go; or if you just moved in to town and are yet looking for what to do in Cali, this spot is perfect to dine in a cozy food truck patio space, see the sunset, and enjoy cool experiences with your whole gang such as the climbing wall or the incredible night Canopy, an exclusive adventure within the city… Besides that, you will find live music events, art exhibitions, and Cali style circuses, initiatives seeking to support our local talent. On top of everything: the spectacular view of our beautiful city. But watch out! Don’t forget to bring a coat, because it’s very windy uphill at night… And yes: you can take your puppy because, like us at the Spiwak Chipichape Hotel, it’s a Pet Friendly place.

Tour to Charco Escondido

– For a sports daddy –

If your father is one of those who are tough as an oak, and he’s a running maniac, a pedaling addict, or an avid adventurer, why not book a mountain bike ride to that treasure of forests and creeks called Charco Escondido? For that you will only need to get your MTB in a car, drive with him -and some friends- to Jamundí, leave your vehicle well parked in the Alfaguara sector, and right from 14th avenue take the path to Miravalle following all the indications detailed in this blog for a round trip of 70 kilometers, not suitable for pussies… If, on the other hand, you prefer something a bit more managed, short, and on foot, an excellent option is to schedule a group outing with Picoloro Ecoturismo. This agency offers specialized packages for outdoor tourism and doing sports in Cali; and since they include an option to take you to this natural wonder from the so-called Mirador del Cacique in a 12 kilometer tour, we might think this is a good card to play.

Picture of: RedBus

Picture of: El Mulato Cabaret

Go to El Mulato Cabaret

– For a danceaholic pop –

Or if your father is dance enthusiast and he is not from this city, an option that never fails is El Mulato Cabaret: a temple where salsa is the only religion, and where male and female line-dancers not only sway to offer you one of the best shows in Cali but also bring out your old folks and make them insanely happy with their fancy steps and sexy smiles. In the manner of a tropical nightclub, with the striking decoration of a large hall and musical themes from our Caribbean titans, whether in their original versions or just covers, this site has established itself as a world reference in the cult of salsa, a dancefloor in which you can have fun photos with your father, make him learn new dance steps, and eat and drink in one of the best nightlife places in our capital.

Take dad to a concert or stand up comedy show in Cali

– For a somewhat stressed parent –

Do you need to distract your father from the burdens of life and make him release endorphins for his health’s sake? Give him a surprise ticket to the concert of the beloved Omara Portuondo on June 23rd, a date that, even if it is just a few days before Father’s Day, will be a moment he will never forget. Enjoy with him the sweet voice of one of the greatest artists from Cuba and living legend of the Buena Vista Social Club… Or if you prefer to see him laugh out loud, and he still doesn’t know this show (which would be unforgivable!), buy him a ticket to the Andrés López’s famous monologue “The Ball of Letters” on June 17th, also in Cali. Although it’s a show two days ahead of Father’s Day, we suggest to work on your dad’s mood from that Friday so that he feels like the king of the weekend.

Picture of: Andrés Lopez

Reserve for our barbecue afternoon in La Zarzuela

– For a carnivorous family man –

Eating in Cali on Father’s Day has never been better, and just like every year, La Zarzuela restaurant at the Chipichape Shopping Center celebrates dad with its emblematic Father’s Day BBQ, an authentic grill party that takes place on our hotel’s outdoor terrace and which brings together parents and children in a lavish and pleasant atmosphere, with wonderful live music and a generous offer including: unlimited buffet with salad bar, premium meats such as top sirloin steaks, pork ribs, chicken grill, and beef churrasco; tasty seasoning and sauces; and exquisite complements, desserts and drinks included in this gastronomic plan for machos and their offspring (because it includes a children’s menu).

Book a romantic night in Cali

– For an exhausted father (or perhaps a father-to-be?) –

Whether it’s due to all of your children’s jumping, or because you have a macabre plan in mind, we confirm that a winning option for many desperate housewives in our city (or aspiring to be) is to schedule a Father’s Day celebration with a very romantic night in one of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in Cali. And since we love talking about that (and serving you!), may we remind you of our available plans at this link, perfect to end this great day? Do you need a hotel with pool in Cali? We have it for you and there’s two of them, one with a rooftop pool! Or do you suddenly need a hotel with a gym, parking, breakfast included, spa and many other amenities to pamper dad? This is also with us!

Happy Father’s Day from Spiwak Hotels!